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Air Dried Memories

When we think of a farmstead, one thing that comes to mind is...a clothesline! Eleanor's had one, so we wanted to ask our followers about their experiences with this form of laundering. We were blown away at the responses and how many people STILL use a clothesline! Here's a recap:

LARA: I don’t have one and didn’t grow up with one. I do, however, let rugs and larger items dry out on our back deck. I remember both of my Grandmothers using theirs and seeing the laundry blow in it wind.

MEAGAN: My parents had a small square one that my mom mostly used for occasionally drying towels or rags. We used to hang our beach towels on it after the lake or pool. I inquired to my husband a couple years ago about building one, but we made a compromise and he built this for me instead in the laundry room (see photo).


Only a couple people mentioned how much work it was to do the laundry. One follower recalled carrying the clothes basket, inside the house, to find she had carried in a snake!! (Eekk!) The rest of the responses were filled with sweet memories of...

-The incredible smell of dry sheets
-Making tents or playing hide-and-seek out of the sheets hanging on the line
-A mother who still used the clothesline until age age 98!
-The reason why so many people still use theirs is because of the nostalgia is brings.
-The satisfaction women felt, after seeing the fruits of their labor--anything from work jeans to multiple lines of cloth diapers (from a mother of 7) to bed sheets!

After hearing all the stories, it makes us wonder if we should put up a clothesline at our own homes, as well as bring one back to Eleanor's!