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To My Christmas Friend

A few years ago, our church started a new Christmas tradition. Parishioners put their name in a hat, and everyone pulled out a name other than their own. Whoever they picked became their secret "Christmas friend" for the Advent season. Then they revealed themselves during the peace offering at the Christmas Mass!

Isn't this a beautiful idea? The first year we did it, it was hard for me to hold back tears as I experienced the joy of finding out who was praying for me all season long. But to my surprise, the experience of praying for someone else was just as special. Secretly performing acts of kindness or praying outside their home without them knowing was a constant reminder of what the season was all about.

It's easy to think of only tangible gifts at Christmastime. This new tradition made me realize how we can give unique gifts without spending money or using much physical effort. And when you think about it, doesn't it seem like such an Eleanor Christmassy thing to do?

So if you find yourself stressing about last-minute presents, consider this as we quickly approach Christmas. Mailing a handwritten letter and telling someone you've been praying for them may, quite possibly, be someone's favorite gift they receive this year. Better yet, you can stop shopping for their present and start sending up prayers this very minute 🙂

It's not too late. Who will be your Christmas friend during these final days before Christmas?