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Goodbye Halloween Candy Torment

If my kids are eating Halloween candy, expect to see me eating it too. Not only will I have one or two, but I’ll take it a step further by secretly grabbing more, telling them, “You’ve had enough!” Once they leave the room, I’ll secure my comfy spot on the couch only to find myself surrounded by dozens of candy bar wrappers just a few moments later…oh, and a large, empty cup of milk, of course.

Any time Halloween rolled around, that scene was all too familiar. I would gorge myself on Halloween candy because 1) If I didn’t, someone else would eat all the “good stuff,” or 2) I felt too guilty for throwing it out or giving it away. So what did I do? I mindlessly ate it.

After co-writing the book Peace with Food, it helped me fix this scenario. Now, before even looking at the mountainous bowl of candy, I think about what sounds good. Then, I approach “THE BOWL.” If I’m in luck and find a Butterfinger, I take a few. If I can’t, I don’t take anything at all. I don’t want to waste my calories on something I wasn’t craving in the first place.

From there, I put the bowl in a cabinet. I grab a glass of milk, sit down--preferably without kids--and savor what is in front of me. I mean, TRULY SAVOR it. As a result, there is a great sense of satisfaction when taking that last bite because my mind went through a start-to-finish process. Yum.

On the other hand, if I were to sit in front of an endless bowl of candy or see it staring at me across the room all day, I’d never feel like my mission to eat and appreciate is complete. I’d continue eating, resulting in feeling more sluggish with every bite. At that point, I am not savoring anything. I’m just eating because it is there.

If it is too tempting knowing the candy is a cabinet door away, it may be more helpful to pick out your absolute favorites and donate the rest. I’ve also been known even to throw it away! Yes, I do, and trust that I close my eyes when doing so. BUT, if I was only going to eat because I felt guilty for throwing it out—even if it causes sluggishness and depression later—it probably isn’t a good enough reason to keep it around.

I hope this helps you truly savor your candy this week!