Best Cell Phone for Kids!

This, hands down, has been the BEST PARENT PURCHASE we've ever made! We bought this for our teenage daughter and both parties couldn't be more thrilled!

The Gabb Wireless phone looks like a smartphone BUT...

-No internet
-No games
-No social media
-No worries

This means kids can still communicate with their friends and family, but also means it fosters more personal interaction, more time not being addicted to phones, more hours in the day to spend doing other things!

Oh...and its only $20/month! Trust me, the things you'll like about it will only get better the more you check out their products and overall vision. It aligns perfectly with the Eleanor's Mission so we just HAD to share!

If you ever buy your kiddo a Gabb Wireless phone, be sure to use this link AND type the code ELEANOR30 so you can save $30!!


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