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Perfect Popcorn

It has been a tradition for each of our families to spend Friday nights watching a movie. Popcorn is a popular choice, so we asked our followers how they like their popcorn. Get ideas from the responses below!

LARA: My Mom loved popcorn, so we always made it on the nights my Dad was at school board meetings! She made it in the "Atom Popcorn Popper" and we would eat directly out of it. After my sisters and I were out of the house, she found the same vintage poppers and bought each of us one. It creates such nostalgia every time I use it.

MEAGAN: I grew up in a popcorn loving family and we always enjoyed popcorn when we watched movies, played games, had sleepovers, etc. My mom used to fix the best popcorn on the old hot oil stirring popcorn maker. I have enjoyed carrying on this tradition with my own kids, but we use an air popper (recipe below).


-pop popcorn kernels in an air popper
-melt coconut oil and pour over popped popcorn
-sprinkle with sea salt to taste
-may add chia seeds or any other seasonings if you wish
-toss to coat evenly and ENJOY!


-Many people said they eat apple slices with their popcorn. Some said a side of cheese, too!
-Sunday nights were a popular time to eat popcorn, often due to a big Sunday lunch.
-Use a heavy metal pan with little oil, add 2 kernels until popped, then rest of popcorn. Remove pan from heat, 30 seconds, then back on burner and almost every kernel pops!
-Combine a bag of marshmallows + stick of melted butter. Pour over popcorn and eat while warm and gooey--just like making rice crispy treats! (We had never heard of this! Wow!)
-Add M&M's to the hot popcorn! Yum!