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What's Your Role?

When Doug and I were dating, I asked him to carry something heavy. After giving thanks, I remember him saying, "know your role!"

That moment made me realize we DO play a specific role in every situation. For example, if Doug schedules a repair, I should be quiet and not ask twenty questions to ensure he did it correctly 😉 His role is to take care of the matter. Mine is to trust him and be thankful for his work.

Another example is in friendships. Every relationship is different, which means the role changes depending on the company. I enjoy talking, but sometimes I should speak less and listen more. I know how much I appreciate someone switching roles and being a listening ear when I need it most.

Maybe you've never given your role much thought. Remember that even though you have strong qualities, sometimes you aren't supposed to use them in every situation. This was a tough pill for me to swallow!

As we finish out this day, let's be intentional and ask ourselves: What is needed most here? A confetti spreader? Quiet supporter? Muscle man? Meal giver? Decide and then take pride in playing the role that is needed most!