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Start Over

Since adopting [the Eleanor way], I wanted to pass along something that helped our family. The other morning I was fixing Charlotte’s hair. She didn’t like it and combed the braid out. It upset me because I had worked hard on it, and we were running out of time before the bus came. I told her she would have to figure out how to fix her hair on her own and walked into the other room, upset (probably not the best of parenting!). To my surprise, she walked after me and asked,

“Mom, can we start over?”

I replied, “Sure!” She stuck out her hand, and we shook on it.

She smiled.

In a cheerful voice, I asked her how I could help her get ready for school, and off we went. It was as if the short moment of frustration never happened. Don’t get me wrong, when my kids or husband ask me to “start over,” it takes a big swallow of pride to put my anger aside and agree to start fresh. The human side wants to stew over the problem, which only makes things worse and wastes a lot of time.

But like ripping off a band-aid, it only stings for a second! Do yourself (and your loved ones) a favor by asking to start over the next time things head in the wrong direction. You will thank yourself, and maybe Eleanor, too!