Welcome to ELEANOR'S PLACE, where simple and classic meet.

Eleanor's Place offers a collection of timeless yet trendy farmhouse-inspired home décor.

Our products are currently listed in our Facebook group, Eleanor's Place [VIP Store]. Since our physical store is only open during events, this allows our customers to shop year round! Our sales will feature a variety of unique and carefully hand-picked home décor items.

For info and dates on upcoming sales, visit our Facebook page. During the sale, we post items every 5 minutes and items are limited quantity. If you would like an item, mark SOLD and comment with your email address. We will send you an invoice. If you are currently not a member of the group, ask to join and we will approve your request. Items that have not sold will remain on the page so that you can shop anytime.

Click on the link below to access our Eleanor's Place [VIP Store]